Tin Can Episode 5

‘Our mission here at Nullius is to find a pilot, and then put as much space as we can between us and the Guild.’

Featuring Elizabeth Clutterbuck, Rowan Birkett, Roger Best, Malcolm Rumbles, Calum Ballantyne and Rosie Doyle


Tin Can Episode 4 – Consequence

‘It’s been approximately thirty hours since I lost contact with the Lagos…’

featuring Cameron Clow as Isaac

The opening credits feature a clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation (‘The Wounded’)

Tin Can now available on iTunes!

itunesIt’s official! Tin Can can now be downloaded on iTunes in the ‘podcast’ section!

If you’ve already listened to the first episode, please consider visiting the iTunes page and leaving a review, or, if you really liked it, recommend it to someone who likes podcasts and/or sci-fi and/or weird English accents.

The script for the second episode has been written, other than that I’m not telling you anything about what’s coming up 😉

Coming Soon

Hello there

Thanks for dropping by the Tin Can WordPress site. I’m very excited about getting started.

If you’ve stumbled here by accident, allow me to explain.

Tin Can is a little sci-fi radio project I’ve been working on. It’s about a man called Gene who gets stranded out in space after an accident on his ship.

I started making Tin Can as a little side project for myself. I’m a sound designer/composer/barman (third one’s not quite relevant here) and I’ve always wanted to do sci-fi sound design. This is a little challenge as it’s getting me to work on sound design, writing, composing, recording, editing, mixing, and last of all (*sigh*) voice acting.

The first episode will be going out on Sunday 3rd July, in the meantime here is a little audio teaser to give you an idea of what to expect.

If you like what you’re hearing, please consider signing up for the mailing list, following the show on Soundcloud, or following me on Twitter so you can keep up to date on the latest episodes (the show will hopefully be going out on iTunes once I figure out how that all works)

Also feel free to get in touch, it’s always nice to hear that people like what you’re doing, or at the very least have listened to it!

Anyway enough of this rambling. Thank you for reading this far, and hopefully we’ll see you back here soon